400 Class Cessna 182 (red)

Planes // Electric Powered

Product Description

Wing Span:965mm/37.99in
  Weight: 710g

  Motor:DST-1200( KV1200)
  Battery: LI-PO11.1V,1300mAh 15C
  ESC: 20ABrushless ESC
  R/C System:2.4Ghz 4ch E401 radio
  Servo: 9gx4

Made of EPO materialand with the advantage of crash-resistance;

The flashlight in the main wings and with themain landing light;

Easy to control andstable flight, with the perfect flight performance;
With the11.1V,1300mah lipo battery, the flying time is more than 10 mins;
Superb Quality,Simply the Best Beginner Scale RTF Plane you can find!!!
With theplastic(transparent) canopy and stay bar on the main wings,  anddetails,more scale.
All spare parts andaccessories are available
Complete Kit, Readyto Fly, Easy to Assemble (Everything is included and 90% assembled -- onlyrequired 8 AA batteries for the transmitter)

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