A1 Skyradier Blue

Planes // Electric Powered

Product Description

wingspan: 800mm
Length: 625mm
Thrust rate: 1:1
Motor: DST-820KV
ESC: 20A Brushless ESC
Battery: LI-PO 800mAh 15C 11.1V
Servo: 9gx4
R/C System: 2.4 GHz 4ch E401 radio
1. Stable flight and easy to control, It can finish the level flight andinverted flight fluently ,and it also can finish inside loops, outside loops,axial rolls and other aerobatic actions.
2. With attractive appearance, all parts are in proportion and gives peoplestrong visual impact.
3. With the scale rocket bomb, auxiliary oil tank and ventral bomb, it makesthis airplane more scaled.
4. With detachable horizontal wings, it is easy to carry and maintain.
5. With modular design power system and detachable propeller, it makes veryeasy to assemble and convenient to maintain .
6.With high scaled pilot

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