Losi XXL RTR w- DX3S Radio

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With the amount of poweravailable from the Losi 454 engine, no ordinary clutch could stand up to theabuse. That's why Losi developed a heavyduty, 3-shoe aluminum clutch designthat could handle all the torque needed to move a truck this big. High-strengthsteel clutch springs ensure that when you grab the throttle, the clutch isthere to get the LST XXL moving in a hurry. 

Twin, Extra High-Torque Steering Servos 

Armed with high-torque motors and metal gears, the dual steering servos on theLST XXL can move the oversized Force wheels and tires with outstandingprecision. Twin servos offer double the torque, so you can point the LST XXLwherever you want it to go and expect it to respond instantly. 

Upgradeable Metal-Gear Differentials 

The differentials on the LST XXL are built to handle serious off-road abuse,with metal gears that are ready for the horsepower. And, if ultimateperformance is your aim, the differentials can be upgraded to viscous setup,offering increased tuning options for any terrain you might encounter. 

CV Shafts Front, Rear and Center 

The LST XXL features CV driveshafts, rather than the traditional dogbonedesign, for improved power transfer. In additional, that power is available nomatter what approach angle your truck is on, or what terrain you mightencounter. 

420 Series Force Wheels and ATX Tires 

Tackling any terrain requires some intense traction, and the LST XXL delivers with custom chrome "Force" wheels and purpose-designed tires. The custom look of the chrome wheels stays uninterrupted thanks to removable chrome caps to cover the wheel nuts for added realism. Losi's ATX tires let the LST XXL take on anything in its path without hesitation, rolling over obstacles that would stop other trucks in their tracks. 

Receiver Pack 

Get going now.The LST XXL includes a NiMH receiver battery, making it easy to fire up the engine and get started. Just charge up, fuel up, and tear up some turf. 

Requires Fuel, fuel bottle, glowstarting equipment , 7.2v stick pack and charger to suit 5 cell to 6 cell batteries.

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