Baja 5B 2.0

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The Baja 5B 2.0 hasseveral great new features and standard parts, many of them taken right off thekit-only SS version and the Baja 5T truck! Check out all the fantastic updates!


Revised 23cc Enginefor 2013

The new engine fittedin the Baja 5B 2.0 features an updated cylinder that provides 10% extra power!When combined with the High Flow Muffler and 8000 RPM clutch, you'll experiencemuch faster top speeds, better acceleration and more power overall!


 High Flow Muffler

The High Flow Mufflerfrom the Baja 5T is a much larger capacity design than the old standardmuffler, and is tuned to give you more horsepower on the track. It soundsfantastic, too! When the Baja 5B 2.0 is ripping past the pits, you will knowit!


Pre-Assembled 1/5th scale 2WD buggy withFuelie 23cc gasoline engine, 2.4GHz DSSS radio system, 3300mAh receiver packand painted body. Receiver pack charger not included. Includes comprehensiveinstructions manual and HPI RC Cars DVD.

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