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Wing Span: 1Trainer version:1280mm/50.40in; (2) Sports version: 1200mm/47.25in
Length: 942mm/37.09in
Weight: 1152g
Thrust rate:1:1
Motor:  Outrunner brushless AT3511 KV750
Battery: LI-PO11.1V,2200mAh 20C
ESC: 30A BrushlessESC
Servo: 9g*4
R/C System: 2.4Ghz 4chE401 radio

1. Blazer is configured with two main wings, one main wings is suitable for thebeginner, and the other one is suitable for the middle class or experiencedpilot, which can achieve the effect of one airplanes in two different flyingway.
2. With the trainer main wings, it can achieve the stable flight and east tocontrol. Our Blazer cannot stall even under the middle speed or lower speedflight. It also can finish inside loops, outside loops, inverted flight, axialroll and other aerobatic action.
3. With the sports main wings, it can achieve the high speed flight andflexible manipulation. Besides, it can finish loops, inverted flight, axialroll and other aerobatic action more smoothly.
4. With optimal design on propeller, the efficiency is up to 6g/w.With the1.1V, 2200mAh Lipo battery, the flight time even can achieve 8-12 minutes.
5. With the modular design and humanized design on our Blazer, it can assembleor disassemble the main wings& horizontal wings& vertical wings&main landing gear easily without by any glue or other tools.  Really 100%convenient to carry and maintain.
6. Featured with demountable design for front landing gear, it is not onlyensures the structural strength but also achieve the effect of shockabsorption. The high strength aluminum alloy main landing gear also use thedemountable design, it can highlight the nice outlook of it, also can ensurethe strength of it.
7. Featured with optimized structure design& durable andcrash-resistance& high practicality and vivid color scheme, it is the bestchoice for the beginner,
8. With the automatic heat dissipation function on the motor, it ensures thehigh efficiency and prolong the use life of the motor.
9. On the connection between the elevator& rudder & front wheel joystickand servos, our blade uses the aluminum alloy regulator, it make easy todisassemble and adjust the controlling steel wire.
10.All the servos can be detachable easily, it is convenient to disassemble andmaintain.

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